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Monday, July 30th, 2007

Time:9:24 am.
It's my last week at work - I start at Ipswich School next monday.

I have been left quite a list of work to do of which most won't get done In the few days I have left I suspect.

I've stopped being excited and a little nervous and I'm now nervous and a little bit excited.

I'll never have another monday at my desk - it's just a very strange feeling.
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Monday, June 25th, 2007

Time:9:12 am.
I should have found out if I was going to be made redundant but they board have decided they need more time to come to a decision. Of course I may just have to move to Birmingham and carry on my job in that office when they close this one.

I had just under GBP200 charged to my credit card for World of Warcaft and Second Life subscriptions neither of which I play and so had to get that refunded as well and go without a credit card for a week while I waited for the new one.

Friday half the office went out for a meal at Vanilla Pod. Had Foie Gras (which isn't worth it), Fillet and Rib-eye steaks with chips and Crepe Suzette for dessert. The steaks were lovely although as I was eating someone else's rib-eye it had been cooked abit too much for me to really enjoy it. The pancakes were a bit too soggy for my liking as well.

I'll be 28 in 10 days.

I have had to move 11 people (including myself) around the office as they are lettnig another company use about 25% of the floor space here. I have to share my server room now as well.

I got up this morning to discover a frog in my front room and Ocsar furiously hissing at it although I suspect that he's probably responsible for putting it there in the first place. He could have at least crippled/killed it for me as it was I had to try twice to cover it with a box so I could dump it back out side due to its jumping.
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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Time:3:46 pm.
Mood: discontent.
Today I have been silently hated by the entire office for not buying cakes. It took me until about an hour ago to realise what was going on as it turns out the office manager had told everyone it was my birthday (having gotten her Junes and Julys muddled) and no biscuits had been put out because she assumed I'd be supplying cakes and pastries for all. I'm not in the business of buying un-birthday cakes.

I have spent the last three days, when not at work or sleeping, watching the fantastic show QI. a show that has been on for years and yet nobody thought to tell me it existed. I have watched both the first two series now and in only one was I not reduced to tears from laughing. It's also surprisingly educational for such a funny show. I'd go as far as saying it is the best thing I have watched in years.

In contrast that last episode(s) of Doctor Who was a huge pile of cack and unless all the time lords are hiding around England having used that chameleon device dooberry to alter themselves into humans (or politicians) whoever wrote it and allowed it to be aired should be shot in both knees and elbows and left to fend for themselves in Derby. It easily beats the last worst episode (something to do with a blonde guy, possibly named Elton, trying to investigate the doctor - which narrowly beat the Sylvestor McCoy cat people serial) by being twice as long. It possibly even rivals "11.59" (ST:VOY) as being the worst episode of any television series in history although I still had some will to live by the end of Doctor Who it so maybe it wasn't quite that bad and probably just gets to hold 2nd place.
"11.59" was what von Gerhardt(?), as rephrased by Blackadder, meant by a fate worse than a fate worse than death in the episode Private Plane - he could also have been referring to The Big Lebowski.

In fact, not to go on at all, that whole episode could have been sorted in about 5 minutes if he'd just been bothered to deal with them in the first place rather than allowing all those innocent people to be killed and potentially causing the deaths and suffering of an enormous number of people who would otherwise have had their lives made easier by some contribution those, now dead, people could have made. I'll stop now before I get too worked up. :)

Tomorrow I am having a lie-in as I'll be working to about 7pm. This is due to a telephone system upgrade that i'm assured should take 5-10 minutes. I have thus assigned 45 minutes to its completion.

Shopping is arriving tonight - I really don't know how I ever fitted shopping in befoe I had it delivered every third week. I hated supermarket shopping with a passion - I thank the internet and all those who created her profusely for the ability not to have to visit Sainsburys ever again.
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Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Time:3:17 pm.
Mood: tired.
My cats, Oscar and Sebastian, are 1 year old today. Sebastian celebrated by running around the kitchen miaowing at apparently nothing judging by the blank look his brother was giving him. I attempted to find birthday hats for them but gave up after 5 minutes of fruitless searching.

My bathroom is done now althoguh I think I would like more hot water pressure. After I've paid the bill i'll be able to see how much money I actually have for the first time in a year.

I have just realised who Steve Wright is having been slightly surprised in town by posters proclaiming this was the day of his trial. Not the Steve Wright I think works for Radio 2 anyway.

I have spent today upgrading the servers to WSUS 3 and being mildly disappointed in the upgrade althoguh I am thankful that my main point of contact with it is no longer a web browser. I think WSUS 2.1 might have been a more accurate name.
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Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Time:3:18 pm.
Mint and Vanilla were not a flavour combination I had ever considered and having now tasted it it's one worth avoiding. Being as it was the most attractive of the flavours on offer for Trident Splash I'll be avoiding the whole selection and sticking with Orbit Complete Strong Mint flavour chewing gum or, as I am presently chewing, the spearmint flavour.

Today is being nicely productive in a getting lots of little things sorted way as opposed to a project completion way. Both of my projects have rather stalled, one due to someone elses inability to perform a simple task and one due to my lack of knowlegde on how TCP Ports actually work. The latter I should have remedied by tomorrow afternoon.

Holiday plans are forming. Destinations are either The Regent in Munich or The Square in Copenhagen. The former due to it's bavarian foodstuffs and the latter due to it being reasonably priced and not in the red light district of Copenhagen (which would seem to be almost all of the area it has hotels in).

My bathroom was looking mostly done earlier this week. The shower was in (but couldn't be used), the toilet was in (and fully functional) and some of the tiling was done. However with the addition of a new light, an extractor fan and some more tiling combined with the removal of a lot of the paint and skirting boards it now looks awful and less complete. MY floor will appear while I'm away on holiday apparently.

Martin is moving out, probably Easter weekend and then, once he has a job, Justin will be moving in with me.

Reading is a terrible place. I wouldn't want to go back there again. I did, however, enjoy my first attempt at betting on dog racing when I was there - much more exciting than horse racing somehow.
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Friday, January 5th, 2007

Time:10:57 am.
Oblivion is finshed (well all the quests bar buying houses are done). Better than morrowind I think if only for the fact that I managed to complete alomst the entire game without using weaponary. It was a very very rare moment when I had to draw my sword to face an enemy.

Started X3: Reunion now. Had forgotten how annoying it is to have to map the universe in the beginning of the game and now, for some resos they've let the jump gates drift around so it take shalf an huor to find the fucking things when it's a nebula sector. Not really done anhthign but fly around and shoot a couple of ships yet.

Turkey bacon is lovely. It's just like bacon but has no fat (or practically none). It tastes like bacon, feels like bacon when eaten and may be enough for me to get my george foreman grill back out of the cupboard.

Got my friend Adam's stag night in just over two weeks - should really go find out where reading is.
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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Time:12:14 pm.
Bacon flavoured turkey rashers are, at least part of, my tea tonight. Most likely I shall have them with tomatoes and cheese in a sandwich of some kind unless Martin convinces me to have them on a bagel with Philadelphia.

Didn't get very far with Oblivion last night - missed part of a quest and had to go back and finish it and then I got lumbered with another quests which had me scour the entire continent looking for an Orc and a Breton to slay. I was also upset that after wandering round all weekend with 50 Daedra hearts and finally ridding myself of them yesterday my very next quest demanded one and I had to go gallivanting off to all the oblivion gates on my map in the hope that one at least was still open.

So far today at work I have failed in my self-set challange of modifying VSS backed up files (eg deleteing them without affecting the whole thing) but I've succeeded in regards to both re-uniqueing (possibly a word) the imaged PCs for the AV software, setting up a replication between the fileserver here and the one in Birmingham and setting up new back up software.

My next project is to get the servers set up to multiple switches using the adapter teaming software and make spanning tree work with an unmanaged switch attached the the spanned stack.

My own snoring woke me up this morning - second day running I've woken up before 4am. Watched 1.5 episodes of Torchwood before work, I'll manage most of the rest when I go home for my lunch.

Discovered today that my old picture website is back up - I had thought it lost when I checked it last year (years after the last time I added a picture) and it gave me a "page cannot be displayed" message.

So far I'm having quite a good day
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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Time:9:11 am.
I was expecting to have finished Oblivion and started on X3 by now but I'm still at least 10 hours away from having it finished.

Spent the weekend watching South Park and the Terminator films and the truely awful Covenent film which only even got noticed by me due to it being set in Ipswich. It's the first time I can remember not doing anything social in regards to it being new year since I was 16 years old.

I thought I had managed to eat all of the remainnig chocolate in the house by the end of last night but it appears I missed both half a tub of ferrero roche (which I'm sure i ate) and a box of mint chocolate sticks (which I missed).
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Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Time:11:20 am.
Mood: bored.
My "half day" last friday turned out to be just over an hour shorter than my usual day however yesterday was also that much shorter but that time I had taken lunch :)

Not many presents but I did get what I really wanted which was a nice digital picture frame I could put pictures of lydoncie, Sebastian and Oscar on to cheer me up at work. Those who have seen it now want one. Had to turn down the brightness a bit - it deafults to "search light" brightness for some reason.

Spent saturday and sunday by myself at home which was lovely as martin was at his mum's. I've missed having that much time to myself.

Christmas Day was spent with my parents, brother and josefin. We played university challange which involved me winning 3 games (more than anyone else) although I cunningly never played against my dad :)

Boxing day was back there again but with lydnocie and without stuart and josefin to finish off some of the food left over from the previous day. Think J may have gottenmore presents than me from my parents :)

Am at work this week due to me having run out of leave.
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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Subject:Phone, ES4 and Sticky Stuff
Time:2:39 pm.
Now the phonebook on my mobile has gone strange - for some reason someone I know (who has but two entries for numbers) has 5 entries where there used to be but one and they're not all the same.

Started playing Oblivion again last night. My newer graphics card doesn't seem to have improved the world much but the people/monsters/equipment certainly look a lot better. Shadows kill my frame rate but with them off and everything else set to full it plays fine. Tonight will involve the additon of the mods that allow me to see more than 3 things or half an inch of map space on my screen at once and maybe tweak a couple of other things to see how far I can push it. I haven't tried to play with a Gate onscreen yet though.

For some reason my chewing gum has started tasting like cough syrup.
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Monday, December 18th, 2006

Time:7:42 am.
This morning I heard the cat flap go again without anything going through it and with both cats at my feet. A few days after the last time that happened I was attacked by the undead while trying to get out of bed. Hopefully I won't have to deal with that again.

The weekend was nicely relaxing and I spent a lot more of it in bed than I usually do. Watched a ratehr crap film (Black Christmas) followed by a film which loked like it was going to be crap (Wicker Man) on saturday but otherwise programme watching went quite well.

Presents are wrapped now although I think I might buy Mum, Dad and Stuart another little present as I'm feeling generous this week.

I lost 4 pounds in weight last week but I have a suspicion that I have probably put most, if not all, of it back on over the weekend. I got down to 11st 7lbs (161 lbs / 73 kg).

The games from my phone have vanhished twice now. Having read up about it it seems to be a fairly serious problem and I now have to do a factory reset on my phone and if that doesn't work send it back for replacement.

I've been trying to think up possible New Years Resolutions, beyond not exceeding a 34 inch waist, but so far nothing.
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Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Time:2:24 pm.
Mood: listless.
I have an almost irrestible urge to go out and get myself a bacon sandwich.

I've not had one in ages.

mmmm bacon :p
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Monday, December 11th, 2006

Time:10:12 am.
For some reason I have "Especially for You" continually playing in my head and I keep cacthing myself singing it under my breath - not sure why.

Friday was Christmas Party day for work and Justin and me went together. Food was lovely although they may have overestimated the amount of pate that fits on a 2x4 inch piece of toast. Had quite a lot to drink and looking back on it although I didn't feel particulary drunk my rather poor camera skills suggest otherwise.

Went to see Happy Feet sunday which thankfully was much better than Bond and probably one of the better films I've seen this year. Robin Williams does carry it during some of the less exciting parts and the end is a bit too much but it is very enjoyable, funny and has Elijah Wood in it :)

Went to Temptation Sunday to try out their Christmas Menu (which they are charging more for) - turns out that it involves getting a cracker and instead of 5 spice chicken there is now turkey in soy sauce. Bit disappointing but they did have proper jelly again though.

I'm working the rest of the year now not incliding the official bank holidays.
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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Time:1:57 pm.
Mood: tired.
Watched the new Bond film at the weekend. Was an alright action film but as Bond films go it was rubbish - I liked the established formula. Theme also wasn't very bond - not a bad song just not a bondy song. I get the feeling I wuoldn;t enjoy the books if they are all like that. Goes on forever as well (in fact I'm probably still there watching them drag out the storyline beyond any possible entertainment) and the one good thing I thought they'd do they ruin in the final scene.

Main faults/things I didn't like

* Daniel Criag does far too much acting
* I must have missed the point when they explained why they are playing him at cards and why they don't just take him and hold him til he tells them what they want (either MI6 or the CIA)
* The whole thing with the bond girl
* the guy from Da Vinci code explaining everything that happened in the previous 5 minutes every 5 minutes for the middle of the film
* The shower scene
* Too long

Things that were good

* Judy Dench - The lone saving grace of the film.

Hopefully Happy Feet will be better - won't be going to see any more of the current bond's adventures though.

Didn't enjoy Furry either on Friday. Was like how I imagine Hell must have been during the early Thatcher years. That period of time was bad enough the first time around - don't need to go through it again.

Christmas dinner this Friday - should be enjoyable as long as I don't drink too much wine (as has been known to happen)
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Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Time:4:25 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
I have completed all my Christmas shopping!

(and it's not even december)
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Friday, November 24th, 2006

Time:8:02 am.
Thanks to an episode of the mary whitehouse experience i watched when I got up i've now had the theme tune to going for gold playing over and over in my head for the last hour.
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Friday, November 17th, 2006

Subject:Some sort of land cow
Time:4:06 pm.
Almost finished one of the rare weeks that I work all 5 days in.

Last week I had some time off to get my cats castrated, play neverwinter nights 2 and get my hair cut. NWN2 is better than NWN although some of the cut scenes do go on a bit and in other cases where there is a long conversation it would be nice to have the cut scene so it wasn't quite a boring readnig smoe tiny text ni the top left hand corner of the screen. Most of the bugs seems to have been fixed now the only one I have encountered left is the inability to change sorcerer spells when going up a level. Being a sorcerer does make the game harder as there are a few parts in which it is just your character or you are forced to take along only crap other characters to battles. Also battles have the slight annoyane in that the monsters generally gang up and attack the biggest threat in your party and I can assure you that a 13th level sorcerer with my spell and item collection is far more of a threat than most of my team as they can only kill one person at a time.

The cats have gotten used to being able to go outside although they are less excited asbout it now they've been rained on. Reflective flea collars for the moment and then later in the sring they can have more stylish ones.

Had two fairly poor meals out in the last week. The first was at the all-you-can-eat chinese on Queen's Street and the second (which was possibly the worst meal i've eaten in years) was at the Milestone. Not only was the steak really under cooked instead of chips they may have well have given me a raw potato as they were as crunchy as you'd expect warm raw potato to be. Mushrooms were ok. New management at the Milestone obviously not as good as the old at selecting chefs.

Went to see Starter for Ten on Sunday. Had to conciously try not to blurt out the answers to all of the questions I knew. Thankfully my uni wasn't like that one but it was a fun film and not quite as stupid as I was expecting.

Furry tonight.
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Monday, November 6th, 2006

Time:10:46 am.
Got and played Neverwniter Nights 2 on Saturday (they also gave me an extra copy of Neverwinter Nights with the its two expansions on a dvd for some reason). It has happily taken its place on my game list with oblivion for a game I can only play with everything set to its minimum requirement and using a profile from nVidia as well as overclocking my graphics card (using the nvidia driver) to see it in its most bare format.

New graphics card when I can afford it I think as I want my games to look pretty if they can.

It is about as much like neverwinter nights as it is baldur's gate - they've changed pretty much everything and so i'm having to relearn how to do everything again. The manual is about as useful as the ingame tutorial and teaches only the very basics needed and for some reason the camera is rubbish but I think I can play about with that.

Friday night lydoncie, Dan, Chris and myself went out for the evening. Had a drink each in tonic before moving on to Kwan Thai (or "Bisexual Po" as lydoncie constantly referred to it) for dinner and afterwards we went to the plough for another drink before going home (although had I bothered to check if furry was on we might have gone there). My round in the plough was a lot cheaper than dan's in tonic.

Saturday lydoncie and me spent a good deal of time just wandering round town with specific trips to get NWN2, to put money in my bank (which is now going to be spent) and find the headphones adapter for my phone (as i've almost broken this one). We had lunch in smoe restaurant on the ground floor of the buttermarket which was rather nice (nicer in that I didn't pay for it) and also looked at some european holidays now that lydoncie has a passport.

Sunday not a lot happened until the afternoon at which point we went to see Saw 3. It's not bad, more gruesome than scary, but the hour or so in the middle of the film is a bit boring and afterwards we went for all-you-can-eat chinese and jelly at Temptation which ended the day nicely.
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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Time:12:23 pm.
Everyday this week I have left the house to go to work still wearing my slippers - today i almost reached the end of my road before noticing.
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Subject:Brrrrr. Bit nippy out
Time:8:36 am.
Yesterday lunchtime I walked home wearing nothing heavier than jeans and a t-shirt and I was fine - last night and this morning, even with the added protection of a jumper, I was, to quote andrew sparkes, "freezing my tits off".

Coat this afternoon I think.
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